New York born and bred.

I left a well paying job in men’s fashion because I felt there was more out there for me to do. I had recently moved to Connecticut and my commute to the city was really cutting into my time of what I liked to do best..workout. So, I decided to do something about that..I would open my own place. A haven that I would want to workout and hangout in..and with the help of a bank that believed in me and a landlord who liked me, Body Health Club was born out of my dreams, visions and whims.

With experience under my belt, lessons learned and a strong desire for more, I sold Body Health Club, left my friends and family,  and set out to San Diego to do it all again with edge, style and sophistication.

It now says Gemini Fit over the doors, and my name is on the glass windows, but there is something special going on inside these 4 red walls and I owe that to all of you who’s involvement, participation, kind words and support have motivated me to bring you the ultimate in your fitness experience.

My specialty is getting CEO’s, CFO’s, Presidents, VP’s, entrepreneurs and leaders of industry into their ultimate and peak condition.

Highly motivated men and women who understand that hard work and discipline breeds success.

Those highly intelligent men and women who understand the importance of delegating to the experts in their field. And finally, those highly successful men and women who understand the importance of getting out of your head and into your body for at least one hour a day.

My studio is completely private and exclusive. What you’ll see and experience when you enter is all the latest equipment, creative and specialized workouts just for you. What you’ll feel when you leave is enlightened, empowered and invigorated.

We have everything you need to get started and an array of experts in nutrition, style and body work.

Just bring your grit and determination and let me do the rest.

Alabama :: Gemini Fit Mascot