Classes are like a full body mini party with up to 10 of your friends. They are fast paced, ever changing, energetic, fun and so effective! Each class will use different styles, modalities, props, toys and all the latest equipment!

Creatively planned out with a side of spontaneity!

Check out class times below.


Get out of your head and into your body for 1 hour a day.

My specialty is getting CEO’s, CFO’s, Presidents, VP’s, entrepreneurs and leaders of industry into their ultimate and peak condition.

My studio is completely private and exclusive. What you’ll see and experience when you enter is all the latest equipment, creative and specialized workouts just for you. What you’ll feel when you leave is enlightened, empowered and invigorated.

We have everything you need to get started and an array of experts in nutrition, style and body work.

Just bring your grit and determination and let me do the rest.

Create an authentic neighborhood gathering place. A unique spot for a healthy lifestyle, motivation, inspiration and creativity. To open doors for all people to exercise, meet new people for the first time, as well as greeting friends they see everyday.

Enter excited and leave delighted. Enchant members and clients with an atmosphere of sophistication and style. To take something common and unimaginative, and weave a sense of romance and community around it. Touch and change peoples lives through my words, actions and creations. And to remain, always remain, humble and hungry.



11:30am| Sculpt and Shred 5:30pm | Sculpt and Shred


 7:00am  | Sculpt and Shred

11:30am | Baby Got Back and Abs

6:00pm | Sculpt and Shred


11:30am |  Sculpt and Shred

5:30pm |  Sculpt and Shred


11:30am | Sculpt and Shred

6:00pm | Sculpt and Shred


11:30am | Sculpt and Shred


8:30am | Sculpt and Shred

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